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Monday, June 27, 2011

Less is More

Say you have been injured, maybe a doctor made a mistake during a surgery, or maybe you just need someone to write a will for you. For whatever reason, you find yourself needing a lawyer. You may be overwhelmed with the large number of law firms to choose from, and you may not know where to start looking for a lawyer. You can narrow down your search by looking for a small law firm.

Small law firms have a lot of benefits over larger firms:

1. Your case will get more time and attention: In a smaller law firm the attorneys take on fewer cases. This gives your lawyer more time to spend on your case. It will also be easier for you to contact your lawyer with questions or to get updates on your case.

2. The staff will know who you are: At a small law firm you and your case will not go unnoticed. For example, in our firm all of our cases are reviewed by the attorneys and staff at least weekly. You can count on walking into a small law firm and the staff greeting you by name.

3. You will get the best value for your case: Unfortunately, in larger law firms, their goal is to get your case in and out of the door as fast as possible due to the huge volume of cases they are working on. You often don’t get the maximum settlement amount, as these firms make more money by pushing cases through and moving on. At a small law firm each case is very important to the team working on it, and we will fight for you and the settlement you deserve.

4. An attorney does most of the work on your case: At a larger law firm, a lot of the work done on your case is done by paralegals and other staff members. Many times you may not even meet with an attorney at all. That is definitely something that can make you question the quality of work being done on your case; it can also make you wonder how much the lawyer is actually invested in your case. At small law firms, the lawyers know your case, and perform the work themselves.

If you ever need a lawyer, look for a small firm to handle your case. This way you can make sure you and your case get the time and attention you deserve.


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